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Best Day Ever: The Stanley Cup

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Jordan Wright was a 16 year-old boy diagnosed with Muscular Duchenne Dystrophy. He loved cars, video games, and had tried mac and cheese – his favourite food – from BC to California.

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice allowed Jordan to feel like any other teenager – Getting into mischief, spending a night away from his parents, and hanging out with friends.

“Canuck Place was amazing for him,” says dad, Greg. “It was a good place to get him out of the house, get him away from mom and dad. It was a big deal for him. We were very protective, so we didn’t just let him go with anybody. It felt very comforting leaving him at Canuck Place.”

While Canuck Place provided a place for Jordan to be himself away from home, the staff also took care of his parents, providing a warm welcome with every respite stay.

“They welcomed you into the house like you’re part of the family,” says mom, Tiina. “Everyone from the groundskeeper up to the top, they make you feel like family.  It’s an amazing place.”

In August 2015, Jordan and his family were invited to a special event at Dave Lede House in Abbotsford. Kyle Cumiskey was bringing the Stanley Cup, accompanied by the Abbotsford Fire Department.

Jordan was a recent hockey convert; sold on the game following an afternoon spent playing NHL 15 with Eddie Lack.

“That day will always have a special memory,” says Tiina. “He was always part of our local fire department because of Muscular Dystrophy. He was smiling in every picture.”

Jordan passed away unexpectedly that night. But the day spent at Canuck Place provided special memories for the family, and a lasting memento.

“We got our last family picture with Canuck Place,” says Tiina. “I can look back at those pictures now and smile and know he had a good last family day. Canuck Place was part of our family, so it was nice he got to see everyone that day, too.”

Greg and Tiina have remained a part of the Canuck Place family. The night Jordan died, a Canuck Place counsellor was there within an hour to support them through their grief.

They continue to attend bereavement groups, forming friendships with other parents.

“It’s not like it just ends when your child passes,” says Tiina. “It’s an amazing support, and you need that support system because losing a child, not everyone’s going to get, and here they do. They know how to support you. Having Canuck Place isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity.”

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