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Bringing life and imagination to Canuck Place

Canuck Place Care |

At Dave Lede House, imagination has been brought to life thanks to two beautiful works of art created by Peter McLaren, a woodturner in the Fraser Valley.

For the past year, Peter has been working on crafting a “Costume Forest” for Dave Lede House to display dress-up items. When the time came to discuss projects for the house, Peter suggested creating a more fun and inviting costume display area.

“I appreciated the extent of the number of articles to be displayed,” explained Peter. “Seeing the space in the other corner, a hat tree became the obvious solution.” Peter’s hat tree is currently displayed in the corner of the costume display area.

In addition to the costume forest, Peter has also contributed his artistry by creating a talking stick for use during sibling bereavement group sessions.

“Young folks, especially those with gifts for us, have more to tell us than we have cared to listen for,” Peter said. “It is our turn now to listen to their messages. Accordingly, anything I can do to help them impart their message is a very small contribution.”

Derived from a First Nations tradition, the talking stick is recognized as conveying authority and importance to the voice of the holder. For bereavement group sessions at Canuck Place, it serves as an invaluable tool in emotional situations where people are sharing profound feelings, including grief.

Peter’s connection to Canuck Place stems from his two nephews who were on program and passed away in 2004 and 2006, respectively. Canuck Place is so grateful for the beautiful works of art that Peter has contributed to Dave Lede House.

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