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Canuck Place Volunteer Love

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Volunteers are crucial to Canuck Place. Without the dedication and hard work of over 325 volunteers, we would not be able to provide the necessary high level of care to the children and families of Canuck Place that we pride ourselves on.

Which is why we’re so excited to celebrate National Volunteer Week and all of our amazing volunteers. This week we collected notes and stories from our staff, about the volunteers they appreciate.

“When we think about Canuck Place volunteers, these words come to mind – selfless, caring, loving, nurturing, fun, and compassionate.

On behalf of the Recreation Department at Canuck Place, thank you so much volunteers. Thank you for giving us your most precious gift – giving of yourself and giving of your time.  You make our lives richer, more meaningful and a whole lot more fun, just by being you.”

– Laura, Gillian, and Amy from Recreation Therapy

Our David Lede House in Abbotsford already has it’s very own group of spectacular volunteers  who have been supporting activities in the Fraser Valley. Thank you to Julia, Paula, Betty, and Dawn.

“Our volunteers are absolutely incredible.  ‘Thank you’ never seems enough for all that they do. Canuck Place would not run without the support of our volunteers and the three amazing women that run the show!”

– Gillian, Recreation Therapy

We also have volunteers who help out in our finance and development offices. Our finance team would like to spotlight Judy Rae.  “Judy has volunteered with the Finance Department since 2004 – that’s eleven years of helping us stay organized and our documents happily filed away.  Thanks Judy for your dedication, your cheerfulness and for being part of our team.”

“In providing the one-to-one support that each child needs, I rely on our wonderful volunteers to guide each child through his or her individualized school day schedule. The school program at Canuck Place could not operate without the support of our incredible volunteers!”

– Joanne Ashdown, Canuck Place School Teacher

Our recreation team would also like to recognize a regular Saturday Family Volunteer: Johnson Chiu.


Johnson is exceptional.  Every Friday before our Recreation Therapy team leaves, they send him a handover note with some activities for Saturday.

Johnson takes initiative to facilitate the activity; adapt as necessary based on the children in house and then sends a follow up on Monday.

He understands our children and families and makes sure to involve everyone, noticing the children’s individual strengths and abilities.  Through his wonderful sense of humor and caring personality, he has touched the lives of many of our children and families.

And Johnson, as is the case with most of our volunteers,  is always up for anything…whether it be crafts, acting as a human target for paint ball, driving the blue van and taking the teens out around town, cuddling with babies, answering a dare to eat a Valentine’s Day cookie decorated with 80 cinnamon hearts, to sitting quietly and listening with an open ear.

Canuck Place is very lucky to have Johnson on our volunteer roster.

“It’s easy to describe each and every one of our volunteers – AWESOME, FABULOUS, STUPENDOUS, HEART-FULL, EMBRACING.

We definitely couldn’t do what we do without YOU!Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

– Anne Schretlen, HR

Read an Ode to Volunteers written by Canuck Place receptionist, Corry Chaplin.

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