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Little Things Can Make a Best Day Ever

Canuck Place Care |

Charlie-Anne Cox is only seven-years-old but she’s mastered some of life’s big lessons like going with the flow, living in the moment and appreciating the little things.

When she was just six-months old, Charlie-Anne was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). This genetic disease weakens muscles and makes it difficult for Charlie-Anne to hold herself up, talk, swallow and breathe. Since her diagnosis, Charlie-Anne’s infectious giggle and shock of red hair have been a common sight at Canuck Place where she and her family receive medical respite, emotional support and experience worry-free family time together.

Charlie-Anne loves all the big moments she’s had with help from Canuck Place – going to concerts and taking field trips to Science World and the Vancouver Aquarium.

But, Charlie-Anne also shows us that little things add up to make a Best Day Ever. Like asking her mom, Cherie, to come closer so that she can touch her face. “It takes a lot for her to do that,” says Cherie. “It’s those little moments. She shows you how to pause and appreciate all these things we do absentmindedly most of the time.”

Charlie-Anne and Cherie feel supported and cared for by Canuck Place. “I get counselling through Canuck Place, I just call them up and I get to come in for counselling. They’re a great source of support and respite, especially after long hospital stays. They know exactly what we’re feeling, what’s happening, and what Charlie-Anne needs. They know how to talk to us and how to invite us to talk to them.”

Quiet moments and small acts of kindness can create something beautiful. How will you appreciate today’s little things?

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