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Compassion Beyond Our Borders

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Pediatric palliative care is evolving right before our very eyes. The number of children and families in need of care has increased dramatically in recent years. And the care required is far more complex than it used to be.

Canuck Place’s Medical Director, Dr. Hal, is at the forefront of pediatric palliative care, impacting the care of children not only at Canuck Place, but around the world.

Dr. Hal and the Canuck Place clinical staff take an active role in Canadian and international organizations dedicated to advancing hospice care for children and families. They contribute to medical journals, present research, and give advice to emerging hospices in many other countries. Their specialized knowledge and expertise is invaluable.

Research at Canuck Place can take many forms, from finding the best way to alleviate pain for children with neurological conditions to the positive impact of music therapy.

We believe knowledge is power. And the greatest power we can have is to improve the care we provide to the children and families we help.

Dr. Hal and our clinical team get to know each child, family and their needs. “We know that the one thing they have in common is the great uncertainty for their child,” he said. “Day by day we ask, ‘How do we make today the best day possible for this child, and this family?’”

Canuck Place donors help us add life to the days of a child and help us offer hope when it is needed most.

Support Canuck Place today.

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