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Excellence in Care: Dr. Peter Louie

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Dr. Louie’s smile and genuine care light up Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

As a pediatric palliative care specialist, Dr. Louie plays a key role in caring for our patients, and is constantly moved by the commitment and dedication of the families who devote such extraordinary care for their children.

“The complexity of care these children need is daunting even to most physicians,” said Dr. Louie. “When the kids are not in our care they are in their homes – all over this province – and parents must provide care for them 24/7. That’s why the Canuck Place program is so important for these children and their families.”

One of the services Canuck Place provides is a 24-hour care line to support families around the province, for when they need advice on administering a complex drug themselves, or when they just need someone to talk them through a particularly painful night for their child.

The importance of this communication with families is something Dr. Louie learned himself through his work here.

“From our nursing and counselling teams, I have learned how to better communicate to families during challenging situations. I have learned to be both comforting, to be present, and to provide hope in unimaginable circumstances.”

Dr. Louie lives the Canuck Place value of embracing life every day, and for that we thank him.

Originally posted in the Spring 2015 Grateful Hearts Newsletter. Sign up now.

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