Meaningful investments in Canuck Place care.

Your gift will support the greatest needs at Canuck Place so we can continue to provide critical care to vulnerable children and families from across the province. Donate now to give short lives the gift of great days.

$25,000 - Your gift could support families getting rest and renewal

When a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, parents and caregivers are faced with intensified 24-hour responsibility. Respite allows children the opportunity to receive care from our doctors and nurses on the clinical floor. Children receive complex care, pain and symptom management, recreation therapy and counselling, while their families receive much-needed rest, renewal and support staying in our family rooms.

Donate now and double the impact of your donation! Your Fund a Need gift to support family respite will be generously matched by the Women in Real Estate Fund up to $30,000.

$10,000 - Your gift could support Canuck Place in adapting to a new normal

Children with life threatening illnesses still need care in a pandemic. Their disease and condition does not change. Our team adeptly embraced new pandemic protocols with innovative and future-forward practices, to meet the evolving needs of our over 800 children and families as they faced magnified uncertainty. The addition of more in-home care, virtual care through telephone and video conferencing, and increased support through 24-hour Clinical Care Line, Canuck Place needs support for operating in the “new normal”.

$5,000 - You can bring comfort in grief for a family

Ever-changing emotional, spiritual and psychosocial needs are overwhelming and can seem insurmountable for children and families facing end-of-life. Through the Bereavement Program Canuck Place counsellors help families rebuild their lives following the devastating loss of their beloved child. We help them find the courage to face one of life’s most unimaginable events, and we walk with them through that most profound path of bereavement and loss, honouring each in their unique journey.

$2,500 - You could provide one of a million moments

Through cherished memories, shared experiences and sacred mementos, our Recreation Therapy program empowers children and families to build precious memories together, and celebrate life. Canuck Place hosts activities on and off-site throughout the year, including community outings in our specially-equipped vehicles, provincial activity camps for the entire family, plus summer and winter family festivals. For families who have reached end-of-life, our skilled recreation therapists facilitate the making of keepsake items including jewellery with a child’s fingerprint, hand or foot molds, and professional photographs.

$1,000 - You could provide nourishment for a family

Children aren’t just small adults — they require highly specialized medical equipment and specific supplies for treatment. When symptoms are at their most severe, relentless and unbearable, we need to use extraordinary doses and means to control them. Technology and healthcare go hand in hand and we require upgrades to our systems.

Any amount - Greatest need at Canuck Place

Canuck Place is primarily funded by our donor community; less than half of our annual operating expenses are covered by government. Your generosity is critical in our ability to support the children and families who need us. Thank you for helping build a house where memories are made.

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