Your Fund a Need gift will support the greatest needs at Canuck Place so that we can continue to provide critical care to vulnerable children and families across the province. Your gift could support:


Children at Canuck Place face diseases and conditions that don’t stop or ease in a pandemic. Pediatric patients at Canuck Place are medically vulnerable, and their parents are acutely aware of the challenges and complications presented by COVID-19. As amplified feelings of fear and confusion are felt across the province, our families feel a unique and increased level of exposure.

Your gift of $25,000 can support our strategic response to provide vital services during these uncertain times through our Nancy Chan Enhanced Community Care program.

By providing in-home care, virtual care through telephone and video conferencing, along with our 24-hour care line, Canuck Place families have access to our care no matter where they are. An invaluable component of this program
is coordination of care: consultative services with health care providers in the communities and hospitals where our children reside, resulting in strengthened and enriched case management. Children and families benefit from linkages with an interdisciplinary pediatric palliative team including counselling, recreation and nursing experts. Families also gain access to other community services and supports through referral or information about agencies they may be otherwise unaware of.

These preventative actions lessen the impact on the healthcare system as a whole, as they result in lower rates of emergency room visits and reduced acute care admissions. Most importantly, it supports families through extremely challenging times and eases their journey.

REST & RENEWAL- $10,000

When a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, parents and caregivers are faced with intensified 24-hour responsibility. Quality of life is threatened by very real tensions including financial pressures, relationship challenges, as well as physical and mental health challenges like fatigue and distress.

Your gift of $10,000 can support our Medical Respite program which provides 24-hour in-hospice clinical care to families in need.

Respite allows children the opportunity to receive clinical care for complex illnesses, pain and symptom management, recreation therapy and counselling, while their families receive much-needed rest, renewal and support. Our knowledge increases over time and through multiple stays we can better understand children’s evolving symptoms and medical histories, as well as family dynamics, unique personalities and individual needs.


Ever-changing emotional, spiritual and psychosocial needs are overwhelming and can seem insurmountable for children and families facing end-of-life. Canuck Place counsellors take a client-centred approach, respecting the child and family’s wishes and building on innate strengths in order to help them adjust to each stage of grief.

Your gift of $5,000 can support our Counselling program, which helps families find hope in the midst of despair, and lets them know they are not alone.

Our Bereavement Program helps families rebuild their lives following the devastating loss of their beloved child. We help them find the courage to face one of life’s most unimaginable events, and we walk with them through that most profound path of bereavement and loss, honouring each in their unique journey.


No parent wants their child to suffer – ever. Clinicians at Canuck Place are leaders in pain and symptom management for children, currently managing more than 190 different conditions and diseases, each presenting with their own complex and diverse medical needs. When symptoms are at their most severe, relentless and unbearable, we need to use extraordinary doses and means to control them. Our team administers over 150 medications requiring specialized medical equipment and specific supplies; our top priority is to ensure children on program receive the medication they require when they need it the most, at no cost to the families who love them.

Your gift of $1,000 can support our Medication and Supplies service, which ensures children on our program can continue to be kids while getting the treatment they need.


Through cherished memories, shared experiences and sacred mementos, our Recreation Therapy program empowers children and families to build precious memories together, and celebrate life. Our goal is to help
children celebrate the everyday experience of being a child, providing opportunities for connection, excitement and fun! Canuck Place hosts activities on and off-site throughout the year, including community outings in our specially-equipped vehicles, provincial activity camps for the entire family, plus summer and winter family festivals. Daily recreational options are offered at the houses through our fully accessible play areas and play therapy rooms and now for families around the province through virtual guided activities. For families who have reached end-of-life, our skilled recreation therapists facilitate the making of keepsake items including jewellery such as fingerprint necklaces, hand or foot molds, hair locks, or professional photographs.

Your gift of $500 can support our Recreation Therapy program, creating special moments for children and families to cherish.


Canuck Place physicians are internationally recognized experts in pediatric palliative care. Members of the medical staff at BC Children’s Hospital, as well as the Department of Pediatrics and the Division of Palliative Medicine at UBC, they are active in cutting edge research, policy development, and training. They are consulted regularly for their vast knowledge, wealth of experience, and specialized expertise.

At Canuck Place, a physician is on-call 24 hours a day. They not only provide care, assessment and pain and symptom management for children staying in-hospice, they also offer consultation and support to families and clinicians throughout BC and the world. Passionate individuals who care deeply about the children and families they serve, our physicians exemplify best practices and the highest standards in the field of pediatric palliative care.

We are primarily funded by our donor community; less than half of our annual operating expenses are covered by government. Your generosity is critical in our ability to support the children and families who need us.

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