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Kids Will be Kids with Recreation Therapy

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For four years, Amy Wightman has been a Recreation Therapist at Canuck Place. Recreation therapy creates experiences allowing kids be kids and teens be teens, no matter what their health concerns are. The recreation therapy team organizes special events designed to bring joy, fulfillment and fun to children and families on the Canuck Place program.

These experiences don’t just create a single great day, they also empower families to plan their own outings, armed with the confidence that, with a few adaptations, their children can participate in whichever activity they set their mind on. Recreation therapy encourages teens on the program to learn how to plan their own outings, learn what questions they need to ask, and problem-solve when necessary.

Amy has had many best days at Canuck Place. But the moment that stands out for her is surprisingly low-key.

Amy’s team took a teen group on a helicopter ride – it was an exceptional, thrilling experience. That same day, they were headed to a Langley farm for a hay ride. To Amy, the hay ride seemed a bit mundane, especially compared to the once-in-a-lifetime helicopter trip the kids had just experienced.

Amy thought the teens might not be engaged. “But then I could hear some of the kids in the back giggling and saying, ‘this is so much fun!’ I felt really validated that we were doing something any normal, every-day teen would want to do,” she says.

Working at Canuck Place has taught Amy to live in the moment. “Each moment is so unique and so important,” she says. “So much goes on in life, you’ve really just got to embrace each moment.”

It’s easy to remember life’s highlights, our own personal helicopter rides. But, what about our hay rides? Can you think of a small, special moment when you embraced life and the joy it can bring?

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