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Liz Rose Seven Summits: Kilimanjaro

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Summit Date: January 7, 2017  Time: 6 Days

After graduating from University, I was looking to do one last adventure with my dad before starting my working career so I asked my dad if he was up to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania with me. I thought it we would be really special, something that we could do together.

In the end, that was my favourite memory of the trip: Standing at the top of Africa, hugging my dad.


Liz Rose Seven Summits- Inspiration

This was my first major climb where I had experienced high altitude where the air was thin and there was much less oxygen to breathe. My biggest challenge was learning to pace myself.

When acclimatizing to higher altitudes, especially for the first time, it’s important to go really slow, so you don’t get sick. Unfortunately, taking things slow has never been my strong suit.

Our guides kept reminding us in Swahili, “Pole, Pole!” Which means slowly, slowly! It would prove to be a valuable lesson throughout all my future climbs.

It was later that year when I climbed to Everest Base Camp with my mother that I learned about the Seven Summits. It was a girl in our group whose aunt had climbed them all. I did some research, got excited and a year later was ready for my second climb.

Liz Rose is a 26-year-old mountain climber from West Vancouver, British Columbia who is poised to become the youngest Canadian to climb the Seven Summits of the world. For her seventh summit she is raising funds for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. Donate to her fundraiser.

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