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Making Memories with Music

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Music therapists use songs and instruments to help children and teens express emotions. For some children who have trouble speaking and moving, the chance to express themselves through music opens a door for them, allowing them to connect and communicate in ways never possible before.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” Victor Hugo

We encourage music making at Canuck Place, and help families make important, lasting connections by singing and playing instruments together.

Canuck Place Music Therapist, Karin Roberts shared a story of a teenager who composed a piece by moving his wheelchair through an ultrasonic ‘SoundBeam’.

“The music he created was recorded and shared with family and friends,” recalled Roberts. “He’s proud of his creation, and now considers himself a composer.”

In addition to the joy it brings, music therapy helps reduce anxiety, and can be used to distract children from the pain they are in.

These musical threads follow children through every step of their journey at Canuck Place. When the end comes, our music therapist and families may choose to sing their child’s favourite songs for them at their bedside. “In a moment of such sorrow, it is a beautiful gift to help families care for their child, creating a final peaceful and harmonious moment,” said Roberts.

Whether it’s at the bedside, or in the garden – music is part of the very fabric of Canuck Place life, and we continue to strive to keep the music playing every day.

Originally posted in the Spring 2015 Grateful Hearts Newsletter. Sign up now.

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