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Meet a Board Member: Mark Myles

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Mark Myles, a seasoned business executive with over 20 years of experience, has served as a Canuck Place board member since 2014. His wife Shanee’s background as a nurse first sparked the family’s interest in Canuck Place.

“When we first moved to Vancouver, my wife, who’s a pediatric nurse actually applied to work at Canuck Place,” Mark explained. “Various friends and colleagues had been involved with it as well. Just knowing about it, and knowing about the team, and what they’re doing for families in a hard place probably spurred my involvement the most.”

As a volunteer board member, Mark helps guide the organization forward, providing valuable insight on sound governance and ensuring stability and success for the future of pediatric palliative care in BC.

For Mark it’s a rewarding role. “Walking through the doors of the house is always something special,” he explained. “It’s pretty amazing, the attitude that everybody has, and how positive all of the vibes are and the joy that emanates from the environment.”

Overall, Mark’s involvement with Canuck Place has given him some perspective in all areas of his life.

“Being able to see how families are dealing with a tough situation, and how they’re able to maintain a positive attitude throughout it is a real motivator. When you think you’re having a tough day, you can always look and say ‘look at how they’re working at it, and how they’re dealing with it.’ There are many good life lessons that happen every minute at Canuck Place. I thought I would take on this role to volunteer and give back and I’ve realized how much Canuck Place brings to my life.”

Mark Myles is featured in the Let Your Light Shine project.

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