Lead Investigators

Colleen Pawliuk and Candice Barrans

About the Project

In recent years Patient Oriented Research (POR) strategies have become increasingly prevalent in health research in Canada and beyond. In fact, the involvement of patient-family partners is now a mainstay in projects aiming to meaningfully investigate and test programs designed to improve patient care and health outcomes. Patient collaboration in research projects provide diverse benefits to research teams, including allowing the research team to view their study through the lens of lived experience.

As interest in POR increases, it is important to consider how patient partners are being recognized for their contributions to health research. As an embedded team member, a patient partner may contribute meaningfully throughout the research process and their contributions could be recognized through formal acknowledgement or through authorship. Despite this, studies show that patient partners are infrequently included as co-authors on publications.

The objective of this rapid scoping review is to assess the prevalence of authorship and acknowledgement of patient partners in health research publications and to map how patient partners are involved throughout the research process.

Co-Investigators and Collaborators

Anne-Mette Hermansen, Danielle Pietramala