Lead Investigators

Dr. Liisa Holsti and Dr. Hal Siden

About the Project

Children with severe neurologic impairment regularly require surgery to manage their underlying conditions. Anecdotal evidence suggests that children with severe neurological impairment experience unexpected and persistent postoperative functional changes long after the postoperative recovery period. However, evidence from the perspective of caregivers is limited. In this study we explore the postoperative recovery process for children with severe neurological impairments through the lens of their caregivers. Rich interviews have uncovered themes beyond the functional changes children have experienced post-surgery, for instance caregivers feeling a lack of preparedness when helping their children through recovery and their need for support.

To learn more about this research please contact Research Coordinator, Anne-Mette Hermansen.

Co-Investigators and Collaborators

Anne-Mette Hermansen, Maria Juricic, Dr. Kishore Mulpuri, Stacey Miller, Elaha Niazi, Daphne O’Young, Dr. Emily Schaeffer, Delbert Yip