Family rights and responsibilities

Families have rights and responsibilities at Canuck Place. As a child and family on the Canuck Place program, we aim to respect, honor your rights as a person and family, and acknowledge the responsibilities of those providing services and receiving them.

  • A right is a choice to decide on your own opinion, thoughts, feelings, expression and entitlement to things as a person with the freedom to do so.
  • A responsibility are duties or something an individual should do to respect others and follow laws and rules.

Children, youth and families at Canuck Place have:

  • the Right to information.
  • the Right to choose.
  • the Right to privacy.
  • the Right to be included.
  • the Right to make decisions.
  • the Right to be safe.
  • the Right to be heard.
  • the Right to be themselves
  • the right to get their needs met: Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally, Educationally, Developmentally and Socially.

We welcome any questions you may have. Please connect with any member of the care team.

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