Grief and bereavement care

Grief and bereavement care is offered to families and extended to others involved in a child and family’s life from the time of a child’s diagnosis, through the course of their illness and following the death of any child on our program. Grief and bereavement care focuses on supporting the losses a family may experience throughout a child’s illness and beyond a child’s death. Bereavement, counselling, and grief support can occur over the phone, in person, at the hospital, or in-house at Canuck Place.

Bereavement Referrals

Bereavement services are an inclusive part of the Canuck Place program, all families on the program are supported throughout the continuum of care of their child’s serious illness, which includes bereavement if needed.

As a provincial program we are committed to support families’ who have lost a child who are seeking bereavement services.

The family can directly contact the counselling team to request a consult. In addition, the child’s healthcare team can provide our contact information to the family. Requests from the family can be made to [email protected]