Canuck Place youth rights and responsibilities

Youth have rights and responsibilities here at Canuck Place. Families are important members of the health care team at Canuck Place. At Canuck Place we are committed to providing care that addresses the child and their family’s unique and changing needs throughout the progression of the illness and afterwards. You and your child/youth will have the right to:

  • Be informed about the care being given by Canuck Place in terms and languages that you and your child can understand
  • Participate in decisions and in the development of your child/youth’s care plan
  • Have access to your record and information about you
  • Ask for and receive help
  • Be treated with respect, compassion and courtesy, even when your views may differ
  • Privacy and confidentiality 
  • Ask for clarification about the care you/your child/youth is receiving and to discuss this care with other health care providers 
  • Receive care that is sensitive to you/your child/family’s needs and cultural, racial and religious heritage.
  • Decline healthcare services that are offered to you 

In return, you and your child/youth are responsible to:

  •  Discuss any concerns with the healthcare team
  • Identify your needs to a staff member
  • Treat the House, staff, and other families with respect
  • Follow the Canuck Place guidelines established for families (Family Handbook)
  • Provide complete and accurate health information about past and present matters. 

Decisions around care are always made in the best interest of the child. If there is a difference of opinion based on clinical assessment, there will be further discussion together with the healthcare team about the next steps.

Canuck Place Youth Rights and Responsibility Agreement pdf 93.84 kb