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We are here for you. From medical respite granting rest and renewal, to transformative counselling, the Canuck Place team works one-on-one with families to create specialized care plans. Here is a brief introduction of what we offer children and families across BC.

We recognize that you may have a lot of questions so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Email our team at: [email protected] or refer to the links below.

Family FAQ 

Health Care Provider FAQ

Staying at the Hospice

Many families are unfamiliar with Canuck Place before they are referred to the program. Take a look at the resources below to get ready for your first stay.

Virtual Tour

Learn More About Our Services

The Canuck Place Family Handbook was created as a guide for those who are new to the program. You’ll learn about the services families have access to and a little about the local neighbourhood.

Family Handbook 

Information for Families 

Information for Health Care Providers

Hear from Families Like You

Canuck Place mother and son

My First Stay

“The best memory and feeling I have from my first experience with Canuck Place is that very first day we walked through the doors. It was an instant sense of relief. We were surrounded by a huge team who were there to look after our little girl, and our family.” – Amanda, Canuck Place Mom

Medical Respite

“From the moment we leave our driveway the kids are planning every minute of their activities. As we arrive, the van doors barely open before our kids are eager and excited to get things kicked off! There’s sparkle in Nicolas’ eyes and an endless smile on his face on each and every visit to Canuck Place.” – Rolf, Canuck Place Dad

Symptom Mangement

“At Canuck Place we know Heston is getting the best care possible. We feel the clinical team is the best there is when it comes to pain management and when we look ahead to an unknown future we know that Heston is in very good hands.” – Kerena, Canuck Place Mom

Recreation Therapy

“We like having Griffin participate. He loves it, and it shows that he can. That kids who aren’t typical can still be a part of the community. The recreation therapy team doesn’t see limitations as a barrier to activity, just conditions that need accommodation.” – Alysone, Canuck Place Mom

End-of-Life Care

“The care provided by Canuck Place reminded us that, no matter how uncertain the outcome or how short his life might be, our son mattered and he was worth looking after. They acknowledged him as a little person, showing real compassion and support.” – Jill, Canuck Place Mom

Counselling Services

“Art Therapy provides an opportunity for self-expression and to share how they’re feeling without needing to use words. Oftentimes, words are really difficult to name, or they are feel really big, or they feel uncertain about how they’re feeling.” – Allison, Canuck Place Art Therapist

Bereavement Services

“Canuck Place is there for you when your child passes and the support there is just amazing. It’s not like it just ends when your child passes. It’s an amazing support, and you need that support system because losing a child, not everyone’s going to get, and here they do. It doesn’t matter what you do there, you’re still part of the Canuck Place family.” – Tina, Canuck Place Mom

Admission Criteria

Referrals can be made to the Canuck Place program by family physicians, medical specialists, community nurses and social workers, neighbours, friends, or families may refer themselves.

*The family must be aware, want and consent of the referral.

Children accepted to Canuck Place are between the ages of 0-19 years of age. The important factor in acceptance to our program is the presence of a progressive, life-threatening illness.

 More Admission Information

Referral Process

Contact the Canuck Place Intake Coordinator and provide the following information:

  • The child’s name
  • Date of birth
  • Personal health number
  • Parents’ names
  • Contact information – address, phone, email
  • Contact information of physicians/health care professionals involved in child’s care

The Intake Coordinator will follow up on information from the child’s physician, care provider and parents, and may request additional information.

The information is then reviewed by Canuck Place’s Intake Team. The Intake Team consists of physicians and nurses and other members of our interdisciplinary team.

If the child is eligible for the program, the parents/guardians are informed and advised of the programs available.

Urgent Referrals

For urgent referrals, please contact Canuck Place directly at 604.731.4847 or toll-free within BC at 1.877.882.2288. Urgent referrals can be called in 24/7.

Request to speak to the Clinical Nurse Specialist or Physician. Outside normal business hours ask to speak to the nurses at the nurses station.

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