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Seeking Bereavement Services at Canuck Place

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Some families that Canuck Place supports will never actually step foot into Canuck Place with their child.

For these families, the Canuck Place clinical team will make hospital visits, or in-house phone calls, and eventually the counselling team will step in to offer support through bereavement services.

Alexis never stayed at Canuck Place. She spent the entirety of her short life at a hospital, too fragile to be moved.

Instead, the Canuck Place team came to her, consulting on options, and speaking with her parents.

Alexis passed away in January 2012. Since then her family has relied on Canuck Place bereavement services.

“Support from Canuck Place means getting through the day by day of not having Alexis with us,” said mom, Jessica. “I’m able to support my older daughter, Rhiannon the best that I can, and having that bereavement team is phenomenal, because there isn’t anything like it in Victoria.”

Jessica and her daughters also regularly attend Canuck Place family events.

“Being able to come to the Summer BBQ, and the Winter Festival, skating at Rogers Arena, the flight with Santa, it’s all good,” said Jessica. “One of the things I find with Canuck Place, is that I can walk onto the property, and everyone understands. It’s a nice feeling to walk in and know that everyone gets it.”

Jessica Keating is featured in the Let Your Light Shine project.

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