The care Canuck Place Children’s Hospice provides to children and families is, at its core, about savouring life. It centers on families spending time together and making happy and loving memories.

For the past 15 years, Canuck Place physician Dr. Peter Louie has cared for children living with life-threatening illnesses. He plays a key role in supporting children with medically complex conditions, managing their symptoms to ensure they feel as well as possible. By helping a child feel well, he provides an opportunity for them to enjoy quality time with family and friends.

Dr. Louie says he is amazed every day by the commitment and compassion of the Canuck Place team. It is what drew him to work here in 2005, and continues to be a driving force in ensuring excellence in his work.

“I saw how the team worked together to provide comprehensive care for children and their families and how that care improves their quality of life,” said Dr. Louie.

At Canuck Place, doctors, nurses, counsellors, recreation therapists, kitchen and house staff, and many volunteers work together to care for the whole family. Each member of the Canuck Place team is committed to enhancing the quality of life for the child and family members.

Every Chinese New Year, Dr. Louie joins his large, extended family for a New Year’s feast. Spending time with his family reminds him of the lessons the children and families at Canuck Place have taught him.

“As a doctor, we tend to talk more than listen. I have learned from families how important it is to listen, determine their understanding and find out about their wishes or concerns. It has also made me a better listener outside of work.”

Chinese New Year is a time for Dr. Louie to focus on living well and celebrating life, two core values of Canuck Place. Whether it is sharing a delicious meal or the joy of opening a red envelope, Chinese New Year is a reminder that family and spending time together is what’s important.

This Chinese New Year, help Canuck Place children and families savour life. Give today.

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在过去的15年中,卡纳克儿童疗养院的医生Peter Louie博士一直照顾患有生命危险疾病的儿童。作为医疗团队主要负责人之一,他治疗患有复杂疾病的儿童,控制他们的症状以确保他们的感觉向良好的方面发展。通过帮助孩子感觉良好,他为他们提供了与家人和朋友一起享受美好时光的机会。