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The Adventure Race DOMinators

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Hannah, Shawn, and Sabrina formed The DOMinators to participate in the Canuck Place Adventure Race in honour of 3 year-old Dominic, who was diagnosed with a rare metabolic disorder at birth.

Children born with Dominic’s condition have an average lifespan of 13 months, and require extensive medical care, but  Dominic has surpassed the mile marker three times over. He likes going for walks in his stroller and snuggling with his mom.

Canuck Place has been involved in Dominic’s care for most of his life, offering both clinical and emotional support to Dominic and his family, which motivated the family to give back what they could through their participation.

“Most people may have never heard of Canuck Place, but anyone that has knows what an impact they make in our community,” said dad, Shawn. “It’s the kind of place you never really want to be a part of, but once you are one cannot help but feel so much gratitude for their unique and caring approach to providing care for sick children. Our “normal” would scare the pants off most people, but not the staff at Canuck Place. They understand not only the medical side, but the human side.”

Dominic’s family moved from Vernon to Richmond to have closer access to the health services Dominic needs.  They visit Canuck Place several times a year, both for respite, and when Dominic needs to transition out of the PICU.

“Canuck Place is available to us 24/7 for anything we need,” said mom, Hannah. “When Dominic isn’t well we can stay there with him or they come to check in on him and us as a family everyday we are at the hospital.”

Dominic’s aunt, Sabrina is the third member of The Dominators.

“What strikes me as so special about Canuck Place is that they have provided something that the traditional medical system couldn’t – which is care for the whole family, and care for them as whole people, not just as a medical issue or illness to treat,” said Sabrina.  “As a sister living four provinces away my heart is relieved to know that my brother and sister-in-law are supported and cared for so well as they give so much of themselves to love their amazing little boy.”

This is Shawn and Hannah’s second year participating, last year the DOMinators raised $6500, and hope their 2015 total will blow the previous one out of the water.

You can donate to The DOMinators on their team page or register your own Adventure Race team at

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