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Canuck Place Families |

Greg and Karen Gilkyson had been married for over 10 years when they finally were able to welcome their son, Kairo, in July 2010.  He was born after the loss of three devastating miscarriages.  So when they found out they were expecting again, they were overjoyed to have another successful and healthy pregnancy.

Unfortunately, everything went horribly wrong at birth and perfectly healthy little Stella Marie was deprived of oxygen for nearly an hour. “We still hoped and prayed that our baby girl would breathe on her own and survive, but received a prognosis when she was 13-days old that said otherwise,” said Karen. “That is when we were introduced to Canuck Place by physicians.” The Gilkysons then made the choice to move to Canuck Place for end-of-life care for Stella. They felt in their hearts that this would be best thing for her – and it was.

“Canuck Place made the unimaginable a really beautiful experience,” Karen recalls. “Stella Marie left this world peacefully and we believe that it is because of Canuck Place that she truly got to feel how much she was loved, without the interruption of a hospital environment. “

Canuck Place was Stella’s last home and continues to be a positive influence in the Gilkyson’s lives. “The counsellors helped us see the beauty in life and in death and to really cherish the moments that we are given and the importance of family.  We are forever grateful for all that Canuck Place did and continues to do for us.”

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