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The pain and symptom management program at Canuck Place has helped keep Madelyn Hadikin out of the hospital. Her parents, Krystal and Michael, and brother Declan, also access respite programs at the house, where they’ve met other families who are going through the same challenges they are.  “Canuck Place is our first call when something is not right,” says Krystal. “They’re available 24/7, even if we’re just having a bad day and we need to talk to someone about it. Going to Canuck Place has been the best thing possible for our family – we feel like we’re at home there.”

When it comes to Maddy’s condition, Krystal and Michael try to take it one day at a time. “Our little girl is dealing with a lot of pain right now – some days are good, some days are bad,” Krystal says. “In our experiences outside of Canuck Place care – the specialists look at Maddy as the patient and then prescribe. Canuck Place has a very different approach – they look at Maddy the person and they look at our family and how we all need to be included in the approach to her care. The care team at Canuck Place understands that when Maddy is in pain, the whole family feels it.”

Krystal and Michael’s lives are a juggling act, but Canuck Place has been a life-saving resource for them – particularly being able to access the 24-hour phone consultation line.  “It is very difficult to watch your little girl and not know how to help her with seizures and her pain,” says Krystal. “Things always go sideways on weekends and holidays and to see her struggle is very challenging. When we call the 24-hour hotline, I don’t have to wait and our family gets the support we need to make it through difficult situations. The clinical team knows Maddy, our family and her medical challenges.  Canuck Place is constantly working with us to make adjustments as Maddy’s condition changes and evolves.”  This kind of support, in addition to the family’s pain and symptom management visits, has helped Krystal focus more on being Maddy’s mom. “Canuck Place takes away all the stress of caretaking – they’ve let me just hang out with my child, and provided me with the opportunity to really be a parent and not just a caretaker.”

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