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Volunteering with Bruce

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At Canuck Place, we are fortunate to have a team of over 360 volunteers who have various roles that help the children, families and staff. One of our volunteers that donates his time is Bruce, who has been volunteering at Canuck Place for nine years. His dedication to our families helps them gain strength to care for their children.

“Just to sit with a child at Children’s Hospital so the mom could have a break… the look on a mom’s face when she realized she could go back to the hotel and have a shower, and just relax for two hours, knowing that someone was with her son, was really special…. When you see the impact of what you’re doing has on other people, it’s really great.”

It was his selfless heart and desire to help others inspired him to volunteer at Canuck Place.

“I had just retired, and I was looking for something to do as a volunteer… As soon as we had our interview I knew this was the place for me.”

Thank you Bruce for shining your light at Canuck Place.

Bruce is featured in the Let Your Light Shine project.

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