Child during music therapy session in pediatric palliative care Child during music therapy session in pediatric palliative care

Family Engagement Opportunity: Celebrating Music Therapy Month

Opportunity to participate in Music Therapy Month

This opportunity will be an occasion for us to celebrate Music Therapy Month in March 2024. We’d like to take this time to intentionally recognize the important and impactful care our music therapists, Karin Roberts and Michaela Wallis, provide for children and families across BC and the Yukon.  

We’d like to extend an invitation to our Family Partners to participate in this celebration by sharing songs, heartfelt words, and phrases that resonate with your family’s experience at Canuck Place. 

From the song submissions, we will make a Spotify playlist! 

Alongside this playlist, Karin and Michaela will make an original song using the words and phrases that our family partners submit as a communal way to celebrate the importance that music has had in the lives of Canuck Place families. 

Let’s make this Music Therapy Month a melody of love, healing, and togetherness. 

music therapy at canuck place

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Share your musical inspiration: Tell us about the songs that have brought comfort, joy, and healing to your family during your time at Canuck Place. Whether it’s a lullaby that eased your child to sleep or a song that lifted your spirits, your musical choices are a testament to the power of music therapy. 
  • Share particular words and/or phrases that encapsulate your Canuck Place journey: These words have the ability to convey the emotions and memories that make Canuck Place special.  
  • Share a story that captures your family’s unique experience with the Music Therapy program at Canuck Place. Your stories are an inspiration to us all, and they help us understand the deep impact this program has on families like yours. 
If interested, please fill out the form by February 21.

If you do not have a song choice you'd like to share please put "N/A"
If you do not have any song lyrics you'd like to share please put "N/A"
If you do not have any words you'd like to share please put "N/A"
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How can you help?

There are so many ways to give. You can support complex care for children with life-threatening illnesses and families in BC and the Yukon. With your help, Canuck Place will support them in living the end of life as fully as the beginning.