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Canuck Place Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is easy to set up and allows employees to donate directly off of each paycheck.  Do you want to see your workplace set up automatic payroll deductions for Canuck Place, but don’t know how to get started?  Below is a  sample letter that you can present to your HR department to get the ball rolling!

Sample Letter to HR Manager

Sample letter to HR


Dear ____


I write to express my enthusiasm for an automatic deduction program for Charity to be set up at (your company).  I believe that giving back is important, and that providing employees with the opportunity to automatically support a great cause can increase employee morale, boost retention, and offer incentive for new recruits to join our team. 


The charity I wish to support is Canuck Place Children’s Hospice (Charitable Registration #133867523 RR0001), who can be reached through their Director of Corporate Partnerships Jennifer Polci, at [email protected].   They will be happy to offer (your company) acknowledgement for your generosity in setting up this giving program.


Canuck Place is BC’s pediatric palliative care provider, meaning they care for children with life-threatening illnesses and the families that love them.  Through two Hospices in the Lower Mainland and extensive work throughout the province, they offer medical respite, pain & symptom management, end-of-life care, counselling, bereavement services, a 24-hour nursing line, education, recreation therapy and more. 


Thank you for your consideration of my request, and I look forward to making a difference for Canuck Place children and families with (your company)’s help. 




(your name, title, etc)

Canuck Place - Double your impact double your good

Committing your business to a matching campaign is a great way to make an impact while encouraging others to do the same, maximizing your donation’s exposure and investing in greater impact for Canuck Place families.

Get in touch with Jennifer Polci to learn more about matching opportunities by emailing  [email protected]

Create a New Matching Campaign

A matching campaign can be one of the best ways to showcase your support of families in BC, and spread that brand alignment far and wide.  Our team is ready to work with you to launch a social media and digital campaign, encouraging new donors to support Canuck Place explicitly because of your match!

Support an Existing Campaign

At Canuck Place, we are lucky to have supporters who fundraise to make a difference for children with life-threatening illnesses in BC.  Matching one of their fundraisers will elevate their impact, and align your brand with the incredible efforts of Canuck Place supporters.  Get in touch and we’ll match you to a fundraiser who matches your financial range and your brand! To see our current fundraisers, browse our event search tool.

Match your Own Employees

Encouraging employees to contribute a little bit every paycheck to a cause important to them emphasizes a community-centric culture and brings teams together in a shared goal.  Payroll deduction can occur without a match, but companies who choose to match set an example of community involvement that inspires teams, departments, and workers to give back!

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