For over 26 years Canuck Place Children’s Hospice has provided care to over 800 children with life-threatening illnesses and the families that love them. Our care is centered on families spending time together and making happy, loving memories.

26 多年来Canuck Place 儿童临终关怀机构已为 800 多名患有危及生命的疾病的儿童以及深爱他们的家人们提供护理和帮助。我们的关怀工作主要致力于让家人们可以共度时光,并创造快乐和充满爱的回忆。

Canuck Place physician Dr. Peter Louie has cared for children living with life-threatening illnesses for 16 years. He plays a key role in supporting children with medically complex conditions and managing their symptoms.  Through his work, Dr. Peter gives short lives the gift of great days, by providing an opportunity for children to enjoy quality time with family and friends. Dr. Louie says he is amazed every day by the commitment and compassion of the Canuck Place team. This passion is what drew him to work here in 2005, and continues to be a driving force in ensuring excellence in his work.

Canuck Place 的医生 Peter Louie雷医生已经有16年照顾患有危及生命的病童 的经验。他的工作主要是照顾患有复杂医学疾病的儿童、在管理他们的病症上发挥着关键作用。通过他的工作,雷医生为那些短暂的小生命提供了与家人和朋友在一起享受美好时光的机会。雷医生介绍说,他每天都被 Canuck Place 工作团队的责任心和同理心感动着,正是这种热情促使他在 2005 年来这里工作,也继续成为他在工作中有卓越表现的动力。

“I saw how the team worked together to provide comprehensive care for children and their families and how that care improves their quality of life,” Dr. Louie notes.


At Canuck Place, doctors, nurses, counsellors, recreation therapists, kitchen and house staff, and many volunteers work together to care for the whole family.

在 Canuck Place,医生、护士、辅导员、娱乐治疗师、厨房和其他看护​​工作人员以及许多志愿者们在共同努力照顾整个家庭的成员。

”There are two important factors which are necessary for providing good care for children with medical complexity,” Dr. Louie explains.

“Availability and continuity. Canuck Place staff are available 24/7. We are often a part of a family’s journey for years, and in some cases, as long as two decades when children and families graduate off the program.”

雷医生解释说:“为病症复杂的儿童提供良好的护理需要两个重要因素:随机性和持续性。 Canuck Place 的工作人员 们一周七天、一天24小时提供全天候服务。多年来,我们常常成为那些家庭的一部分,有时候病童和家人们经历这一切的时间跨度可能长达二十年。”

Every Lunar New Year, Dr. Louie joins his large, extended family for a New Year’s feast. Spending time with his family reminds him of the lessons the children and families at Canuck Place have taught him.

每一次过农历新年,雷医生都会和他的大家庭一起过年。与家人共度的时光也让他想起了 Canuck Place 的孩子们和家人让他学习到的点点滴滴。

“As a doctor, we tend to talk more than listen. I have learned from families how important it is to listen, determine their understanding and find out about their wishes or concerns. It has also made me a better listener outside of work.”


Lunar New Year is a time for Dr. Louie to focus on living well and celebrating life, two core values of Canuck Place. Whether it is sharing a delicious meal or the joy of opening a red envelope, Lunar New Year is a reminder that family and spending time together is what’s important.

对于雷医生来说,农历新年是专注于好好生活和庆祝生活的时刻,这也是 Canuck Place 的两个核心价值观。无论是分享美味佳肴、还是打开红包时的那份喜悦,农历新年都在提醒人们,家庭和共度时光才是最重要的。 As the only pediatric palliative care provider in B.C. and the Yukon, Canuck Place families need our support. Our clinical team has the expertise to navigate difficult journeys with our patients and family members to create a unique care plan that identifies their needs, wishes, and goals. In addition to clinical and emotional support, we also have a physical space for families to be together. Even despite challenges we have faced with COVID-19, we can ensure families can safely come together.

作为卑诗省和育空地区唯一的儿科临终治疗,Canuck Place的病童家庭需要我们的支持。我们的临床团队拥有与患者和家人一起度过艰难旅程的专业知识,以制定独特的护理计划,来确定他们的需求、愿望和目标。除了临床和情感上的支持,我们还为这些家庭提供了居住的空间。尽管我们此刻也在面临 新冠疫情的挑战,但我们仍然可以确保家人们能安全地待在一起。

This Lunar New Year, help us keep Canuck Place children and families whole. Give today.

这个农历新年,请帮助我们一起让 Canuck Place 的病童和他们的家人们团聚在一起。请慷慨解囊,捐出您的善款吧。

Special thank you to the Coromandel Foundation — every dollar you give to support Canuck Place care will be matched!

也特别感谢Coromandel基金会 – 您为支持 Canuck Place付出的每一块钱都将得到等额的匹配捐赠!